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Mayor's Office Launching the Environmental Program

As part of the care for our Mother Earth, the Good Government through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, launched the Environmental Bonds Project, for the adaptation of climate change in the municipality of Managua.

This initiative aims to implement activities that contribute to soil and water conservation, through the use of environmental bonus tools, through which live barriers, dikes, ditches and infiltration tanks can be built. , as well as reforestation work.

This project was presented in the Cedro Galán region, which is one of the 9 regions of the municipality, located in the upper middle area of the southern basin of Lake Managua, among which are Pochocuape, San Antonio Sur, Los Ladinos and San Isidro de la Cruz Verde.

For her part, Mrs. María Teresa Argeñal, resident of the Cedro Galán region, expressed her gratitude to the Good Government for the delivery of the environmental bonus and expressed her commitment to contribute to developing soil conservation works that will improve the productive quality of their lands, as well as, protect the environment.

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