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Floral offerings in memory of the Mayor and Three-time Champion Alexis Argüello

In commemoration of the eighth anniversary of the passage to immortality of Three-time champion Alexis Argüello, authorities from the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power and prominent national and international athletes visited his tomb and monument to honor his memory.

The Mayor of the Citizen Power, together with the Vice Mayor and Secretary of the Managua Council, placed floral offerings and expressed their admiration for the work and legacy of the Three-time Champion Alexis Argüello, highlighting his charisma of love, affection and solidarity with those most in need.

Another who recalled the sympathy of the "Knight of the Ring" was the member of the World Boxing Hall of Fame and friend of Alexis, Rubén "El Púas" Olivares, who lost his featherweight belt in a fight against Argüello in November 1974, when the latter obtained his first crown.

Likewise, these tribute ceremonies were attended by several international boxing personalities, including former World Super Fly Champion Carlos “El Príncipe” Cuadra and Mr. Héctor Afú, world championship fight referee.

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