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Construction of a new gallery begins in the Oriental market

Thanks to the solidarity between the merchants of the Oriental market, the municipality has already begun the first works for the construction of the new galley, which will benefit a little more than 250 merchants who were affected by the fire on May 14.

Reyna Rueda, Secretary of the Managua Council, explained that the new gallery will be ready at the end of December and that the first works will be carried out at night.

The first step is to guarantee access to the machinery up to the point of the accident, for this, an agreement was reached with the owners of 8 modules who agreed to be temporarily relocated, and thus open the access route for the machinery.

“We sincerely appreciate the support and understanding of the merchants who agreed to be temporarily relocated, so that the machinery can enter even the burned-out shed. Thanks to your solidarity, we can fulfill the mandate of our President Daniel and Vice President, comrade Rosario Murillo, to assist the families affected by the fire ”.

The work will be done most of the night to guarantee that the entrance is agile and safe, thus avoiding accidents, the new building will be of two floors and will have all the security measures that modern buildings demand, its construction will be ready in the month from December.

The representative of the Eastern Market Merchants Association, Jorge González, explained that the beginning of the works is the result of dialogue and consensus.

“Today we are witnessing the effort that our Government makes to provide an immediate response to the families affected by the fire, this is the result of an articulated teamwork, it is true that in a certain way we are affected, but in the end we are all going to be benefited with new modern and dignified modules, with better conditions to serve the population ”.

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