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Capitalinos support a loan of 417.2 million córdobas to carry out emergency projects

All the citizens of the capital who attended the first extraordinary meeting of the Mayor's Office of Managua supported by show of hands and with a resounding “YES”, the proposal presented by the mayor of the capital, comrade Daysi Torres, to manage a loan for the amount of 417.2 million of córdobas, which will be paid in a period of five years.

The loan will be invested to finance emergency projects, including the rehabilitation of the old Managua Cathedral, with an investment of 14 million córdobas, the construction of a two-story gallery in the Eastern Market, in which 120 will be invested. million córdobas, to respond to the merchants who lost their sections in the fire in that same sector, also to conclude the works of the new National Stadium with an investment of 43 million córdobas, the Central American Games 2017 will also be supported, with 154 million of cordobas.

Likewise, 79 million cordobas will be invested in the construction of an aquatic center, complementary works will also be renovated and executed in the National Palace or of Culture with an investment of 8 million cordobas, with this same loan the Natural Park will be built " La Divina Misericordia ”in which 10 million córdobas will be invested, construction of Stage V on Paseo Xolotlán with an investment of 26.6 million córdobas.

It should be noted that these works will revitalize the national economy and especially the municipality, also will beautify the capital even more, and will provide strong support to the sport and culture that young people need so much.

In this same town hall, the Mayor reported that the first modification to the 2017 Municipal Budget was made, which increased to 5,178.6 million córdobas since previously it was 4 thousand 484 million córdobas.

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