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Capital residents approve Municipal Management Report for the First Quarter of the Year

The Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, comrade Daysi Torres, informed the citizens of the capital through the celebration of the Second Municipal Council, that in the First Quarter of 2017, corresponding to the months of January, February and March, the municipality executed 112 projects to the welfare of the entire population.

These works include the construction of 22 works between parks and public squares in different sectors of the capital with an investment of 126 million 55 thousand 287 córdobas.

The same as the construction of the new multipurpose sports center "Alexis Argüello" with an advance of 45 percent, the new National Baseball Stadium which has an 86 percent advance; in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez park the construction of extreme games was completed.

In the road infrastructure, the condition of 167 blocks in the different districts of the capital was improved with an investment of 32 million 515 thousand 395 córdobas.

Among these, 22 new streets were built with hydraulic concrete and asphalt.

Repair was also carried out in 95 blocks of dirt streets and maintenance in 53 blocks covered in different regions and neighborhoods of the municipality.

The storm drainage system expanded the network with 796 meters of pipe, 280 meters of canal, 15 meters of gabions and the lining of 260 meters of riverbed. 350 meters of pipes were installed in sanitary drainage and the construction of 39 sanitary wells with an investment of 8 million 780 thousand córdobas.

While maintaining the drainage network, 112 manjoles were cleaned, 10,195 meters of pipes, 2,325 drains, 14,317 meters of gutters, among others.

16 micro-dams and reservoirs were sanitized with the evacuation of 42,269 cubic meters of sediment.

The investment for Human Development was invested 15 million 195 thousand córdobas.

29 million 311 thousand 129 córdobas were invested in cleaning the city.

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