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Managua Mayor's Office delivers road improvement in Walter Ferreti and Adolfo Reyes neighborhoods

In commemoration of the fall of the hero and martyr Francisco Talavera, who gave his life on a day like today June 13 fighting the genocidal Somocista guard, to achieve the liberation of Nicaragua, the Sandinista Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, inaugurated the road improvement from the Walter Ferreti and Adolfo Reyes neighborhoods.

The road improvement work includes the surfacing of 1,700 square meters with asphalt mixture equivalent to five blocks from the Adolfo Reyes neighborhood, and the coating with hydraulic concrete of 600 square meters, equivalent to three blocks from the Walter Ferreti neighborhood, which in total they make 2,300 square meters, equivalent to eight blocks shared between the two populous capital neighborhoods.

The investment of the work was one million 340 thousand cordobas product of the taxes paid by the capital taxpayers.

The vice mayor of the capital, Enrique Armas Rosales, handed over the works to the residents of both neighborhoods, who said that thanks to the unity between the Mayor's Office of Managua and the Government of Reconstruction and National Unity presided over by Commander Daniel Ortega and companion Rosario Murillo, the progress in the municipalities advances for the benefit of the population throughout the country.

It should be noted that by the will of the inhabitants, a bust of comrade Francisco Talavera will be raised, in recognition of his sacrifice, who gave his life for the liberation of Nicaragua.

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