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Capital commune celebrates Nicaraguan Mothers' Day

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, in unity with the Government of the Sandinista Front, chaired by Commander Daniel Ortega and comrade Rosario Murillo, celebrated Nicaraguan Mothers Day in advance, by delivering a basket to more than 200 little mothers with limited economic resources. with basic foods.

The delivery was made by the Mayor of the capital, comrade Daysi Torres, who said that Mother's Day is a very beautiful day in the country, since they are the center and heart of the family and society, that they give everything to change for nothing; "Many of them gave the fruit of their bellies for the liberation of the homeland, since their children fertilized the fertile Nicaraguan land with their blood so that today we can live in peace, prosperity and completely free," he said.

The Mayor expressed her gratitude to God and the Government of Reconstitution and National Unity, since without their support it would be very difficult to provide the social programs promoted by the municipality in favor of the most deprived such as Alma Solidaria, Barrio Limpio, Barrio Saludable, delivery scholarships for children and young people, among others.

Also the programs promoted by the Central Government to mainly favor women, among which the following stand out: Child Development Centers, Maternity Homes, Health Centers, Productive Bonus and Zero Usury, among others.

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