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Special Day in Cemeteries of the capital to celebrate Mother's Day

The municipality began the special cleaning day in the cemeteries of the capital to receive hundreds of visitors, on May 30th, Nicaraguan Mothers' Day.

The General Cemetery located in District II, which has an area of 39 blocks, began cleaning a month ago and on May 30 itself it will have a health post in the cemetery, due to the number of visitors who arrive that day, as well It was confirmed by Reyna Rueda, Secretary of the Council, during a tour of the cemetery.

"On these special dates we make an extra effort to accompany our brothers and sisters who visit us, we started cleaning a month ago and we have a crew of 40 workers, maintaining 39 blocks that the cemetery has, remember that here they rest a little more than a million people ”.

Rueda, stressed that this year we are working in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the National Police to guarantee the best conditions on May 30.

"Last year 8 thousand people visited this cemetery, so this year in coordination with the Ministry of Health we are going to install a medical post, to provide care for the elderly, hypertensive and all emergencies that arise that day."

The Secretary of the Council explained that the General Cemetery is the largest in the capital, so a permanent crew has to be left for cleaning and maintenance work on the perimeter wall, at the same time it is supervised that the lighting is working correctly.

The Delegate of District II, Compañera Daniela Caldera, confirmed the police presence inside and outside the cemetery.

"We are coordinating with the Police so that that day visitors can leave their vehicles outside without any danger, at the same time access to pedestrians and their safety will be guaranteed."

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