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Mayor's Office conducts information seminar on Acahualinca footprints

The Directorate of Culture and Historical Heritage held a workshop on the Footprints of Acahualinca with the aim of informing the national scientific community, the progress that is being made to achieve that the Footprints are declared Historical Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and the advances in the construction of the new museum.

The Director of Historical Heritage, Clemente Guido, explained that one of the goals is to verify that the Footprints are more than 6 thousand years old, so that UNESCO declares them a World Heritage Site.

“With this workshop we are informing the scientific community of all the tests that we have done with the support of foreign geologists and scientists (North American scientists), to determine that the footprints are more than six thousand years old, that is a requirement that we have to fulfill in order to that the footprints be declared patrimony of the humanity ”.

Guido explained that in the new museum the graves will be together, since they are being unified.

"Among the advances of the new museum, work is being done to unite the two graves into one, so visitors will have a better view of the group of people who were fleeing the Masaya volcano explosion six thousand years ago."

Another objective of the workshop was to explain the relationship between the Acahualinca Footprints and the geology of Managua, and how the Footprints have remained intact for the 120 years since they were discovered.

The geologist Edgar Espinoza, who works in the union of the graves, explained that in this process new details have been discovered and that in the new museum, visitors will be able to make replicas of the tracks.

"The new museum will attract new tourists that will give an economic movement to the area, visitors will be able to make dynamics and replicas of how the footprints were formed," said Espinoza.

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