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Capital commune fully restores sports field in Domitila Lug neighborhood

The Managua Mayor's Office carried out the comprehensive rehabilitation of a multipurpose sports field in the Domitila Lugo neighborhood, with the aim of improving the standard of living of its inhabitants.

This work was built with the municipality's own economic resources as a result of the taxes paid by the capital taxpayers.

The scope of the work includes the construction of a 390 square meter slab of concrete, the installation of baskets for garbage collection, the construction of bleachers and the installation of 53 linear meters of perimeter mesh that guarantees the safety of people, and painting in general of the field.

The work was inaugurated by the Secretary of the Council Reyna Juanita Rueda, who stated that this is a space for young people and children to dedicate their free time to sports, because in a healthy mind they will have a healthy body and spirit.

The work was delivered to the residents of the neighborhood who were recommended to take care of the work and their children.

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