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René Polanco neighborhood has a lined riverbed

A little more than 2,900 residents of the René Polanco neighborhood benefited from the storm drainage project that lined 400 linear meters of riverbed with hydraulic concrete.

Through these works, the inhabitants also received road improvement, since as part of the complementary works the lining of the streets that are parallel to the riverbed was carried out.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas explained that the project is part of the mitigation works to reduce the effects of winter in the neighborhood.

“Last winter, the colleagues here had many problems, for that reason, they requested this work last year, President Daniel continues to comply, he ordered this project as a priority, with this tunnel box the water will be prevented from goal to the houses around the channel, there are 300 meters of tunnel box plus 100 meters of open-air channel and as complementary works 3 hydraulic concrete streets ”.

Doña Rafaela Solis, who has been a resident of the neighborhood for 30 years, says that every winter she and her family and their neighbors spent anguish when it rained for more than 40 minutes.

“It seems to me that I am dreaming, we had years of waiting for this opportunity that, thanks to God and our Commander, became a reality, only this Mayor's Office could remember us, only in this block we have 15 families who suffered with the winter, those who did The project explained to us that the water will no longer enter because the channel has more capacity, ”said Solis.

The drainage works and the lining of the streets with hydraulic concrete have an investment of 13,741,803 million córdobas that were financed with the payment of the taxpayers.

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