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Mayor's Office proposes two access routes in the center of the Oriental market

Following instructions from President Daniel Ortega, the municipality formed an interinstitutional commission, which aims to reorganize the Eastern market, guaranteeing access routes that allow rapid entry at the time of emergencies, as was the case of the fire in the early hours of the morning. last May 14.

The first ordering proposal is to create two main corridors in the heart of the market, which would give the shopping center great advantages such as better electricity service, public cleaning and transportation routes, as explained by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno Briones .

"We are proposing two important accesses, one from north to south and another from east to west, they would be pedestrian accesses with 6 meters wide, this would allow us to divide the market into 4 quadrants, this would allow emergency bodies to access quickly, better security with permanent patrol of the National Police, at the same time on these corridors there would be public lighting, we could incorporate a much more agile garbage collection service and urban transport routes so that buyers can access the heart of the market ”.

Moreno explained that this proposal aims to create access routes and recover the center of the market, the final proposal for the reorganization of the market, will come from the mutual agreement between the merchants and the Local Government.

The new corridors will not only allow fast access routes, it would also make it easier to begin a process of legalization in the electricity service because high voltage cables could be installed over the corridors.

“One of the mandates of the President Commander and Compañera Rosario is that any proposal must have the consensus of the merchants, this is only a proposal, we are open to see other possibilities, for this, assemblies will be held with the merchants, no one can be left out of the market, the people who are affected would have to be relocated to good commercial areas that attract their attention ”.

The North-South corridor, according to the proposal, would be on the street of Ciudad Jardín until it reaches the Novillo in Gancho de Camino, and the East-West corridor will go from Gancho de Camino to the Dupla where the fire occurred near the Callejón de la Death, until reaching Calvary, the two axes intersect exactly in the heart of the market.

The President of the Nicaraguan Markets Merchants Association, Jorge González, stated that merchants are willing to hear proposals that have as their objective the common good of all self-employed workers who were affected by the fire, and that guarantee a way to get in and out of the market quickly.

"We support the proposal because they are clear proposals since what merchants have to do is return to their original place and we can no longer invade the streets, we will continue working to make that proposal a reality, necessary to give it more visibility and better access at the heart of the market, we are not going to allow more merchants to continue taking to the streets, any area ”.

Among the commitments that benefit those affected by the fires are the Zero Usury Program with low interest, with a six-month grace period, the reconstruction of the shed that burned.

To build the two corridors, the merchants who have left their corresponding measures will have to return to their original space and the sellers who have been located on the platforms will have to be relocated.

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