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Our Lady of Carmen children's park in Batahola Sur was inaugurated by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas

Once again the Mayor of Managua meets the citizens of the capital. This time when delivering the “Nuestra Señora del Carmen” playground in Batahola Sur, which was completely remodeled with the contribution of taxpayers who see their taxes invested in progress works, like this one that was inaugurated today by the Vice Mayor, comrade Enrique Armas.

The new work that restores the right to recreation and healthy and safe recreation, consists of seven playgrounds, benches, and public lights, as well as a perimeter fence for children's safety.

It should be noted that previously this was a place where many misguided people kept drinking liquor and other prohibited substances and that harassed everyone who passed by.

Doña Juanita Urbina, with more than 30 years of living in Batahola Sur, said that this was the best thing that the Mayor's Office of Managua did, since a public space was recovered for the good of all and mainly for children, since it is located precisely in front of the school "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" and the students get to recreate in the park today safer.

For his part, the Vice Mayor affirmed that this work is one of the more than 200 parks that exist in the capital, some new and others restored, to return the right to recreation that is guided by the President and Vice President of the Republic, Commander Daniel Ortega and partner Rosario Murillo respectively.

At the same time, he called on the inhabitants to take care of this work since it was built with an investment of 500 thousand córdobas resources of themselves.

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