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Mayor's Office monitors progress in storm drainage works in district 3

The Mayor, the Vice Mayor and the Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua carried out a supervision tour, for the execution of the storm drainage works in District 3, where they verified the good progress of the same after the first rains .

In this tour, 7 projects were supervised, of which one is located in the Santa Isabel district, where a tunnel-shaped gutter is built that will allow water to drain and prevent flooding in the area; another is executed in Villa Roma where the drainage pipe of a bridge is extended, which was affected because the sediment and garbage in the water currents formed a dike that damaged the existing infrastructure, for which a call was made to the capital's population not to throw garbage in the channels, gutters or drains.

Likewise, it was announced that the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power executes 121 drainage works, to resolve the effects of floods in the capital city. In the same way, it was pointed out that the capital Commune invests a little more than 40 million Córdobas in the cleaning program of the rainwater drainage of Managua, which has been carried out at various times since the last 3 years, developing a cleaning day prior to the winter and others in the course, to guarantee a good operation of the same.

After the first rain, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power together with 1 thousand municipal collaborators have taken on the task of cleaning the 13 thousand existing drains in the capital, of which a little more than 8 thousand have already been cleaned, so This task is expected to be completed in the next 2 days.

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