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Managua Mayor's Office conducts rain damage assessment

The capital commune carried out a tour to assess the effects caused by the first rains in various critical points and the operation of the micro-dams that are part of the city's drainage system.

The post-rain route began at the Los Gauchos micro-dam, which overflowed, but did not cause damage to the construction works of the new National Baseball Stadium.

The strongest stage of the rain lasted two hours and 140 millimeters of water fell. According to the report of the effects, even when the rain was intense, there was no major damage or human loss, and the priority is to clean the roads and channels to avoid flooding if it continues to rain, as confirmed by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno. .

“One of the main priorities is the cleaning of sediment and garbage on public roads, from the early hours of the morning we visit the 65 critical points that there are and we have minor damages and flooded houses at the time of the rain. At the same time, we went through all the micro-dams and they were between 70 and 80 percent of their capacity ”, stated Moreno.

The overflow of the Los Gauchos micro-dam affected the Tiscapa Overpass and the Mercado Oriental. The Secretary of the Commune, explained that the integral solution to avoid the overflow of Los Gauchos is the construction of a tunnel.

“The Los Guachos overflow occurs two or three times a year, because the volume of the water does not match the capacity of the micro-dam, the integral solution is to build the Tiscapa tunnel and more micro-dams; The tunnel would connect the waters of the micro-dam to Lake Xolotlán. We are already working on the design of a Drainage Master Plan for the city with the Inter-American Development Bank ”, he explained.

The Tiscapa tunnel design should be ready by the end of the year to begin construction in 2018.

Among the affected neighborhoods are: the Mexico neighborhood, Nueva Nicaragua, Pablo Úbeda, Macaraly, Monte Fresco, La Primavera Annex, Héroes y Mártires del Bocay, El Rastro, among others, with an estimated 200 houses with temporary flooding, in 30 neighborhoods From the capital.

This year for the first time even with the amount of water that fell, Monte Fresco was not flooded like every year, thanks to mitigation works during the rain.

“In the El Borbollón riverbed we had more than 100 tons of garbage that obstructed the bridge that the MTI brothers are building; Normally with a rain of this level we would have the entire neighborhood flooded and half of Santa Elena, we are talking about almost a thousand families affected and this did not happen this morning ”, said the Secretary.

This year the municipality is carrying out drainage works that benefit the neighborhoods that were affected, such as Pablo Úbeda, where 200 meters of riverbed is being covered, in a second stage which is 50 percent complete with an investment of 20 million córdobas; Simultaneously, the channel of the Domitila Lugo neighborhood is being covered in a second stage and the construction of the new El Borbollón bridge at kilometer 14 of the North Highway, which has an investment of 80 million córdobas and is built with the support of the Central Government headed by President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo.

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