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Central Government in coordination with Mayor's Office eliminates critical point in Monte Fresco

To eliminate a critical point in District VI, the Central Government in conjunction with the Municipal Government builds a new bridge over the Borbollón riverbed located at km 14 of the Pan-American Highway in front of the entrance to the Monte Fresco neighborhood.

The new project will directly benefit 400 families in the Monte Fresco neighborhood and half of the Santa Elena neighborhood, both neighborhoods are flooded when it rains for more than 45 minutes in the sector.

The project is 60 percent complete, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas in a tour of the critical points of District VI.

“With the support of our Central Government led by Commander Daniel, the brothers of the MTI and the Commune, we are working together in the construction of this new bridge, increasing its drainage capacity; the vehicular bridge that will have six lanes, three in both directions, is one of the most important drainage projects ”.

The Borbollón riverbed is one of the longest that the capital has, it crosses districts V, VI and VII, it comes from Ticuantepe, and it is an uncoated riverbed.

As part of the works, more than 300 meters of gutter is being built at the same time to drain rainwater.

The Delegate of District VI, engineer Javier Prado, explained that within the scope of the project is the widening of the bridge to the length and width with a hydraulic capacity three times greater than it currently has.

"The bridge will be 35 meters wide and 15 meters long, at the same time we are expanding more than 300 meters of gutter and we are installing new pipes of greater capacity."

The project has an investment of approximately 80 million córdobas, for the construction of the piles of the bridge a special concrete that comes from Mexico is being used, because it has more strength capacity and forges in three days, while the steel that is used is above grade 60, the project will be ready at the end of May.

District VI has 8 hotspots in the neighborhoods; Annex La Primavera, Walter Ferreti, Waspán Norte, and Villa Reconciliation Sur.

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