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Managua Council approves environmental fines for people who harm the environment

The Council of Managua in its Fifty-First Ordinary Session, approved to declare the Remedy for Review filed by Lic. Amy Guadalupe Moreno Leytón Special Representative of the Plastic Production Company S. A PROPLASA and maintains a firm environmental fine for an amount of 70 thousand córdobas for being a repeat offender in noise pollution.

In this same session, the councilors unanimously approved declaring the Appeal for Review No Place and maintains a firm environmental fine against the Appeal Appeal presented by Lic. Karla Espinoza Rosales, General Judicial Representative of the Company Aceitera Atlántico, Sociedad Anónima (Aceitlan ) maintains firm environmental fines for keeping weeds on vacant land, for the amount of 40 thousand córdobas, another for spilling dangerous substances on the ground, for 50 thousand córdobas, and the other fine is for carrying out burning of product that affects the people and the environment with the amount of 40 córdobas for a total of 130 thousand córdobas of fine.

Similarly, an urban fine was approved unanimously against the engineer Manuel Largaespada for remodeling a two-story house without the corresponding municipal permit.

While the Appeal filed by Lic. Reynaldo José Cruz Cardoza, General Judicial Attorney for Mrs. Leyla Zapata, was declared Ha Lugar and the urban fine is declared inadmissible for verifying that the property is not in the name of Mrs. Leyla Zapata .

An environmental fine in the amount of 40 thousand córdobas was also unanimously approved against the Company "Transportes Luna Rivera SA" for environmental contamination when burning tires, weeds and oil residues.

In this same session, the councilors approved the technical decommissioning of 93 wooden and metal containers for being completely unusable, owned by the Solid Waste Treatment Company, attached to the Mayor's Office of Managua.

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