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Mayor's Office started the second phase of modernization of the capital's traffic light network

The Municipal Government continues the modernization of the traffic light network in the capital. The second phase of the project will be ready by the end of May; In this second phase, new smart traffic lights will come into operation at 10 new traffic light intersections with an investment of $ 380,000, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the construction works on the Country Club - Cuatro Esquinas - tracks. Big bed sheet.

The project that began in 2016, installed smart traffic lights at 52 intersections, out of 153 intersections in the capital.

“As part of the efforts to improve road traffic in Managua, we are installing bases for smart traffic lights in 10 new intersections that do not have traffic lights, among them are: the section of the judicial system, the entrance to the UNICA in Carretera a Masaya, at the entrance to Esquipulas, and at the Solidarity Track, we are going to install the Manolo Morales hospital at the entrance of the Shopping Center, at the La Mascota hospital, with this we would be reaching 62 intersections ”.

The project aims to modernize the Juan Pablo II Track, with the installation of traffic lights at 19 new intersections in a third phase.

Moreno explained that improving vehicle traffic management is a real need that requires comprehensive solutions such as expanding roads, improving connectivity with new streets in neighborhoods to create alternate lanes to main roads, improving public transport, building new bridges.

According to studies, the capital has a vehicle fleet of 300 thousand vehicles and on special dates when there are visits, it reaches 350 thousand.

The municipality's goal for 2018 is to start the installation of the 19 intersections of the Juan Pablo II Track, and in two more years to have smart devices at the 153 intersections of the capital.

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