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Construction of the Las Piedrecitas Overpass is 9 percent complete

The capital commune during 2017 carried out the modernization project in the highway corridor Carretera Sur and the Carretera Nueva a León with the construction of the Las Piedrecitas Desnivel Pass, which for the first time in history will have earthquake isolating bases in its bases, the work is 9 percent complete, as detailed by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno.

“We are developing one of the most important road projects that will allow us to improve road traffic conditions in the Las Piedrecitas-7 Sur corridor, here large volumes of traffic converge, and it was necessary to find a solution that would reduce waiting times , we have an advance of 9 percent ”, explained Moreno.

The final design of the project features a combination of an underpass and a roundabout; the bridge will have 23 columns that will support it, which will have seismic isolators.

“Here we will have a combination of a roundabout and on top of it an elevated bridge, a concept very similar to the work built in Rubenia with the difference that this overpass will have an elevated left turn, which will allow the who are heading to the south of the city have access to La Pista Juan Pablo II ”.

The project that will modernize one of the most used corridors to enter and exit Managua, in addition to building uneven crossings at the intersections of 7 Sur and Las Piedrecitas, will increase traffic lanes by 8 lanes.

The modernization of the road network in this area implied at the same time the construction of three kilometers of 72-inch stormwater drainage pipe, to handle high volumes of water and thus avoid flooding in the sector.

The construction of the Las Piedrecitas-7 Sur Overpass will be ready at the end of 2017, and in its initial stage it has generated 500 direct jobs.

The new mega structure will have state-of-the-art technology used in first world countries to give it greater security when it comes to seismic movements.

“The bridges will have 23 support points, the highest main columns will have a height of 13 meters and the smallest will have 7 meters; We are talking that this works will have 3,000 tons of steel, huge volumes of concrete, the engineering work will be ready between November and December 2017, while the construction of the 7 South Overpass will begin in the first four months of 2018 ”.

The Secretary General confirmed that with the construction of both overpasses, at these points will be the beginning of the modernization and expansion of the Juan Pablo II Track, which in its entirety will build five overpasses and 17 pedestrian bridges, all this to benefit not only vehicular traffic, also for industry and commerce.

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