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City Hall ready to welcome winter

The capital commune has almost ready the city's drainage system for the arrival of winter.

During a tour of the riverbed of the La Primavera neighborhood, considered a critical point in the rainy season, the Secretary of the capital's commune, Fidel Moreno, confirmed that the municipality covers it with hydraulic concrete and added that the Winter Plan in its component of cleaning is 80 percent complete.

"The Winter Plan has several components and the cleaning component is 80 percent complete in 23 micro-dams, 63 kilometers of lined riverbeds, 83 kilometers of uncoated riverbeds, 13 thousand drains, and hundreds of kilometers of gutter, all of this makes up our drainage system, ”he explained.

Moreno explained that simultaneously with the cleaning of the major drainage, drainage works must be carried out and this year the commune will carry out 121 projects.

"This year we will carry out 121 drainage projects with an investment of 208 million córdobas, among them is the lining of the La Primavera riverbed, which has a length of 1.3 kilometers, with an investment in this fifth stage of 12 million córdobas."

"The stabilization of the La Primavera channel is a long-term project due to its costs, the first stage began in 2013 and the fifth stage is carried out during the current year with a total investment of 40 million córdobas," explained Moreno.

He added that stabilizing the La Primavera channel not only implies lining it, but also increasing its drainage capacity due to the volume of the water, installing a bridge so as not to isolate the surrounding families, and improving the surrounding sanitary water system.

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