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Mayor of Managua executed 447 works of progress in 2016

The Mayor's Office of Managua executed 447 progress works for the common good of all Managua throughout 2016, with an investment of 2,155 million 669 thousand 364 córdobas.

It should be noted that 438 works were executed with their own resources, collected through the tax obligations of the capital's taxpayers, and the remaining 9 were built with external resources; reported the Mayor, comrade Daysi Torres before the members of the Municipal Council in ordinary session number 49.

In urban equipment works, 103 projects were executed in construction, rehabilitation and beautification of public spaces with the investment of 1,284 million 610 thousand 812 córdobas.

Among these works, the following stand out: construction of the new National Baseball Stadium, 77 percent complete, currently more than 87 percent completed; construction of the IV stage II phase of Paseo Xolotlán, construction of Plaza 22 de Agosto, construction of the San Juan Pablo II Museum, Reconstruction of the Japanese-Nicaraguan Park, among others.

In roads, 330 new hydraulic concrete and cobblestone streets were built, and 941 blocks were rebuilt, 510 were resurfaced and 431 with asphalt patching, all this with an investment of 446 million 598 thousand 888 córdobas. One thousand 698 blocks of land and 178 lined streets in different regions of the capital were also repaired.

With regard to rainwater drainage, the network was expanded by 1,173 meters of pipes, 4 thousand 533 meters of ford and gutters, 770 meters of tunnel box and the lining of 585 meters of riverbeds, among others, were built with an investment of 164 million 300 970 córdobas.

In works projects for the improvement of the water and sanitation service in different Districts, the network was expanded by 250 meters of sanitary pipes, 98 home connections were executed with an investment of 10 million 217 thousand 909 córdobas.

The investment in Programs and Projects for Human Development were invested 158 million 112 thousand 242 córdobas.

1,037 solidarity houses were built, in addition 9 schools were repaired and four Health Centers were improved, five new Child Development Centers were built.

20 million 628 thousand 231 córdobas were invested in preserving the environment.

113 million 266 thousand córdobas were invested in public cleaning.

The Transportation Regulatory Institute (IRTRAMMA) obtained income in the amount of 29 million 157 thousand 705 córdobas, while the expenditures were 29 million 584 thousand 916 córdobas.

In COMMEMA, revenues were 105 million 319 thousand cordobas and expenses amounted to 105 million 329 thousand cordobas.

While the Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Company processed 81 thousand 20 tons of household waste, it also evacuated 107 thousand 363 tons of garbage and one thousand 552 tons of recyclable material were classified.

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