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Replica of Hacienda San Jacinto is 90 percent complete

In a few days, families from the capital will be able to enjoy the replica of the Hacienda San Jacinto house museum located on the fifth stage of Paseo Xolotlán.

The construction works are 90 percent complete and the project is part of the recovery process of the lake's coast, as explained by Reyna Rueda, Secretary of the Managua Council.

“We are in what will be the fifth stage of Paseo Xolotlán, where the main attraction will be the exact replica of everything that the San Jacinto farm house has, this project also helps us to recover three kilometers of coastline will allow us to teach them to the new generations our history, our identity, our desire to defend freedom and sovereignty.

The construction of the replica of the San Jacinto farm house had 100 jobs and in this stage, as in the previous stage, an alliance was made between the private company and the municipality.

“With this work, 100 jobs were generated and had an investment of a little more than 10 million córdobas, we are in the final details of what the house is, at this stage there will be other attractions that are the result of an alliance between the private initiative and the mayor's office, to offer our visitors a space for family recreation while promoting the recovery of the historic center of the capital ”.

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