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Mayor's Office will have a Drainage Master Plan

In seven months the capital commune will have a Master Plan for the management of rain runoff that comes from the South Basin. The Runoff Master Plan is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and will have two fundamental objectives, the protection of the Asososca and Tiscapa lagoons, and the construction of an interceptor channel for rainwater to prevent it from reaching Tiscapa.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that the results of the consultancy will be used to plan a more orderly, safer and more sustainable capital.

“Following instructions from the Commander President and Compañera Rosario our Vice President, we have been working for several months with the Inter-American Development Bank, one of our key allies, to develop a crucial Drainage Master Plan for the city of Managua, which will allow us to develop two major projects; To protect the Asososca lagoon, which is our vital source of drinking water, and the Tiscapa lagoon within the proposal, we are also requesting the construction of an interceptor channel to divert rainwater that falls in Tiscapa, ”explained Moreno.

Through a consultancy that the IDB tendered internationally, it will present an exact diagnosis of the city in 7 months and with it a series of engineering proposals to achieve a safe and sustainable city, as stated by Mr. Carlos Melo, IDB representative in Nicaragua.

“The issue of runoff is of utmost importance, with this Master Plan it will be possible to mitigate the impacts of rainwater on citizens, on the population and on their assets that have cost them so much. The important thing is that the institutions involved in this issue work in harmony. Our experience here in Managua is that in the commune and at the country level, all the institutions work together to achieve benefits and comprehensive solutions in favor of the population, ”said Mr. Carlos Melo.

The consultancy to prepare the Master Runoff Plan is financed by the IDB and has a value of One Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars.

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