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Mayor's Office builds tennis courts for the XI Central American Games

The capital commune continues to develop sports infrastructure for the XI Central American Sports Games to be held in Nicaragua from December 3 to 17 in the Luis Alfonso Park, 6 tennis courts are built with a capacity for 1,300 people with all international standards of quality that this sport demands, as explained by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno.

“One of the conditions required by the Organizing Committee of the games is that there should be six tennis courts, so we completely rebuilt the complex of courts that were already obsolete, the stands will have capacity for 1,300 spectators, here 6 simultaneous games can be played, we are talking about 8,200 square meters of construction, which is equivalent to a little more than a block of construction ”.

The project has an investment of 38 million cordobas and is 70 percent complete, it will also have several buildings where the dressing rooms and doping room will be located, Moreno explained.

"In the buildings there will be dressing rooms for the athletes, for the referees, and for the organizing committees of the event, there will also be the doping room that all sports facilities for this competition must have".

The Central American Games are a window to show the development of the country, they are also an infrastructure opportunity, because once the games are over, the facilities are available for the enjoyment of Nicaraguan families.

At the same time that the tennis courts are being built, a court for extreme games is being built; It is a circuit that will have ramps, a bowl where the most extreme young people can make their demonstrations on skateboards and BMX

The 2,800-square-meter court will have a capacity for 500 spectators and is built with an investment of 13 million córdobas.

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