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They carry out studies for the rehabilitation of the Old Cathedral of Managua

As part of the rescue of the historical memory of our capital city, the Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, formed a special commission aimed at rehabilitating the old cathedral of our capital city.

This special commission, which is made up of several specialists, among them, from the National University of Engineering, will be carrying out studies, inquiries and investigations, to present in the short term a definitive intervention plan for the rehabilitation of the Cathedral of Santiago Apóstol de Managua.

The Architect Gundel Tamez, member of the commission and specialist in conservation and restoration, expressed that the work is in its preliminary phase, where the technical methodological follow-up has been marked and defined, to carry out this restoration work, with an in-depth study on what has been done and an update on the status of the structure.

Also, he announced that the commission presented the process to follow, to have the results concluded in June; Likewise, he added that this first phase will be developed in 3 stages, the first consists of carrying out a comparative analysis, between the 6 studies that have been carried out in the building since 1974; The second stage contemplates the update study, to see how the structure is currently, the comparative study serves as a basis to read the building today and to determine what condition has been preserved and which has worsened, over time. ; In the third stage, the building will be fully evaluated, making a 3D modeling of it, where all the situations found in the different stages and the current one will be marked, which will allow defining the conclusive stages and completing the study.

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