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Good Government builds new modules in the Roberto Huembes market

As part of the dignity of spaces and work environments of self-employed merchants, the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power, through the Municipal Corporation of Managua, built a gallery with 26 sales modules in the Roberto Huembes market.

This new shed was built to dignify the work environment of self-employed workers, who repaired shoes at the entrance to the south side of the Roberto Huembes market, who previously worked outdoors and now have a safer and more dignified space to work.

These new spaces were inaugurated and delivered to the self-employed workers of the Roberto Huembes market, by comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Secretary of the Managua Council, who expressed the commitment of the Good Government to continue working to improve the quality of life of families Nicaraguans.

Likewise, he announced that this work consisted of a gallery that will house 26 commercial modules, 12 for self-employed workers who repair shoes and 14 for merchants who previously worked in unsuitable conditions; the construction had an investment of 4 million Córdobas.

For their part, the merchants expressed their satisfaction with the dignity of their work spaces, as expressed by Mr. Luis Aguirre Pavón, who was happy with his new work space, due to the fact that he used to work outdoors under sun and rain; Likewise, Mrs. Josmaria Rodríguez was shown, who thanked the Good Government for dignifying their work spaces.

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