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Infrastructure of the National Palace receives maintenance

The Capital Commune in coordination with the National Institute of Culture continues the renovation and maintenance works in the National Palace of Culture, which is one of the most representative architectural jewels of Nicaraguan neoclassical architecture. The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that the maintenance was done in two stages, starting with the exterior painting of the building that was built after the 1931 earthquake.

“Companion President and Compañera Rosario have guided us to the Capital Commune and the National Cultural Institute to carry out a complete maintenance to the structure of the National Palace, which is one of the most beautiful places in our recent history with 75 years old, we are waterproofing the roof and painting the exterior of the building ”, explained Moreno.

Moreno also explained that on the suggestions of experts, annexes that had been made on the roof in previous administrations are being eliminated, which over time caused leaks that could damage the structure of the building.

“We are totally permeating the roof tiles, rebuilding the internal gardens and we are painting internally and externally this jewel of Nicaraguan architecture that had not been painted for about 10 years, in the first stage of maintenance we had up to 200 workers and this second stage we have a average of 30 to 40 workers ”.

Eight million córdobas have been invested in the renovation of the National Palace with the commune's own funds.

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