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Construction of National Baseball Stadium is 70 percent complete

The glory of Nicaraguan baseball in the major leagues Denis Martínez along with new prospect from Matagalpa Kevin Gadea who is a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays and municipal authorities visited for the third time the construction of the largest sports colossus in Nicaragua and Central America.

Martínez appreciated the opportunity to visit the construction of the stadium that will bear his name and expressed the excitement and nervousness that overwhelms him every time he walks through the stadium.

"I am grateful to our President who promotes projects like this, who rescues sports and promotes opportunities for Nicaraguan youth, I am honored by their willingness to bear my name, it is an honor and thank God that I can come often so that the emotion of that day is not so strong, ”said Martínez.

The Central American Games are in December of this year and the stadium is 70 percent complete. To achieve this, 800 jobs have been generated at the highest levels.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, confirmed that construction times are at a good pace and by the middle of the year the mega work will be completely ready.

The bleachers are already 100 percent built, drinking water, sanitation, fire alarm and communication systems are being installed.

“We are carrying out mitigation works in the Los Gauchos micro dam” with two intentions, first to protect the Tiscapa lagoon and second to prevent flooding in the sector. For them we are rebuilding two channels, one coming from Hialeah and the other from the Jonathan González neighborhood both will be lined and will be bridge boxes, but we need to build a receiving channel that leaves the micro-dam and flows into Lake Xolotlán, we are already in talks with the IDB, to be able to develop this project that is between 10 and 15 million dollars " .

The Secretary confirmed that at the end of February the grass will be installed on the playing field, and at the end of March the roof of the entire stadium will be placed.

In the new sports structure there will be souvenir shops, food areas and restaurants, for this, the municipality will be convening the interested parties next week to present a proposal of intention and after having received all the proposals, a bidding process will be held, In this way, we will work with private initiative to guarantee that the stadium is self-sustaining.

El personal que trabajará en el estadio ha recibido capacitación en México en dos ocasiones y por instrucciones del Presidente Daniel Ortega y la Compañera Rosario, la municipalidad contratará una empresa internacional especialista en el mantenimiento de estadios.[vc_images_carousel images=”7487,7488,7489,7490,7491,7492,7493,7494,7495,7496,7497,7498,7499,7500,7501,7502,7503,7504,7505,7506″ img_size=”large”]

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