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Mayor's Office and representatives of Jica present the first report of the Urban Development Plan of the capital

The Mayor's Office of Managua, in coordination with representatives of the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA, presented the first report of the studies being carried out to define the Master Plan for Urban Development of the Capital, which will run from 2017 to 2040.

The first intermediate report of the Master Plan presented by the executive committee of the project is the result of 4 house-to-house surveys in 10,000 households in all seven districts of Managua and Ciudad Sandino.

The surveys took as indicators public and private transportation, demands in terms of housing, public services and communications, the results of the four surveys were the basis for preparing the first intermediate report, which makes an X-ray of the real situation that lives the capital in terms of traffic and mobility, demand and housing deficit.

Among the most relevant results, it is highlighted that there are 15,000 vehicles per day using the same route and that the Highway to Masaya and the Suburban Highway are the most congested.

The slogan of the Master Plan for Urban Development is Managua; sustainable, orderly, safe, and with opportunities for everyone, this slogan contains all the elements and demands expressed by the respondents.

The inhabitants of the capital are convinced that the city will be more attractive to investors and tourists if they see a sustainable, economically active, accessible and socially equitable city.

Mr. Hirohito Takata, representative of JICA in Nicaragua, stated that the results of the project will provide the guidelines to convert the capital city into a metropolitan city and that can only be achieved when there is political will.

"We want to recognize the leadership of the authorities of the mayor's office, their work together with the other government institutions for the execution of this project, and the leadership of Commander Daniel Ortega, whose continuity in the government represents an opportunity for the follow-up of this collaboration. ”, said Mr. Takata.

Among the results of the traffic and mobility surveys, the residents highlight that they need better transport conditions, that traffic be less congested during peak hours, especially in the afternoon hours.

Secretary General Fidel Moreno explained that the results of this interim report will provide key information to develop action plans in the areas of transportation and roads.

“We are thinking and rethinking the city we want for the next 20 years, it is an unfinished discussion, but the city itself aims to have several centers with all the basic and financial services that the population demands, at the same time we must find a solution to the housing deficit.

Moreno explicó que algunos sectores de la sociedad han planteado la propuesta de que la ciudad crezca verticalmente porque si la ciudad crece horizontalmente se vuelve más caro el transporte público, las líneas de conexión de agua potable, la electricidad y las comunicaciones.[vc_images_carousel images=”7470,7471,7472,7473,7474,7475,7476,7477,7478,7479,7480,7481,7482″ img_size=”large”]

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