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Mayor's Office initiates 2017 Winter Plan

The capital commune began the cleaning and maintenance program for the channels and micro dams of the capital city, in order to receive the winter in optimal conditions and thus reduce the risks of flooding in homes and avenues, as explained by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, in the December 31 channel where the 2017 Winter Plan began.

This Cleaning Plan will last 4 months and it is expected to evacuate 100 thousand cubic meters of sediment and garbage.

“We have started the cleaning work a little early to attend to the 60 kilometers of lined riverbeds and 100 kilometers of unlined riverbeds, simultaneously, we are going to attend to all the micro-dams. With this year's session we hope to collect 100 thousand cubic meters of waste ”.

Moreno explained that this cleaning day is accompanied by a house-to-house awareness campaign with the aim of awakening in the capital's inhabitants a citizen awareness of the damage caused by littering in the riverbeds.

"The process of cleaning the city's main drainage will be done in three moments: a first phase in January-February, a second phase in March-April and a third phase in the heatwave season between July and August."

The Secretary of the Council of Managua, comrade Reyna Rueda, highlighted that the coordinated work between the cleaning day, the house-to-house awareness campaigns and the improvement of the home collection service in the districts, has gradually awakened the residents the awareness of the damage caused by littering anywhere, "said the colleague.

He added that "working together is vital to maintain a clean, healthy city, full of health for all families, we are making an effort to improve the home collection system by one hundred percent, we also serve the places of deposits already authorized places where our brothers can go to leave the garbage if the truck cannot pass through their streets, if we use the household system and the containers there is no justification for throwing the garbage into the riverbeds, that creates centers of epidemics and points of floods, that is why we continue to make a fraternal call to the families not to throw garbage in the riverbeds ”, said Rueda.

El Plan Invierno tendrá de forma permanente 28 operarios, 5 camiones volquetes, 2 grúas, 4 mini cargadoras bocat, y en 4 meses limpiará el sistema de drenaje en 3 fases.[vc_images_carousel images=”7427,7428,7429,7430,7431,7432,7433,7434,7435,7436,7437,7438,7439,7440,7441,7442,7443,7444,7445,7446,7447,7448,7449,7450,7451,7452,7453,7454″ img_size=”large”]

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