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Managua Mayor's Office delivers fully rehabilitated Rubenia Park

With the aim of providing healthy and safe recreation to the residents of Rubenia, the Mayor of Managua began 2017 with the delivery of the park of this community completely rehabilitated with the construction and installation of children's games, among them, a mixed basket-swing swing. rider, another with a double ladder, a traditional swing, a spherical carousel and the installation of two modern plastic games, as well as the installation of lights, new ornamentation and painting in general.

The works include the total repair of 6 playgrounds, the installation of waste collection baskets, the construction of drinking fountains and the construction of the perimeter wall for user safety.

The work was inaugurated by the comrade Reyna Juanita Rueda, Secretary of the Council, who, upon delivering the work, stated that in this way the municipality begins the new year by inaugurating a space for recreation and leisure for the families of the Rubenia sector and its surroundings, to that families enjoy the right to have a healthy and safe recreation for children, youth and adults.

The municipal official stated that at the end of 2016, the members of the Council undertook to present the Preliminary Budget of the commune to all the inhabitants of Managua, so that they could decide what to do in this year 2017, and one of the works that most The residents requested was the construction of recreational centers, including parks and recreational squares.

It should be noted that 950 thousand córdobas were invested in this work that is inaugurated today as a result of the taxes paid by capital taxpayers.

Actualmente en la capital existen más de 230 parques entre nuevos y rehabilitados y continuamos trabajando más unidos de las manos de los pobladores. También solicitó a los habitantes beneficiados con este parque a cuidarlo, principalmente los juegos nuevos ya que hay algunos que solamente podrán ser usados por niños pequeños, ya que los infantes más grandecitos tienen otro tipo de juegos.[vc_images_carousel images=”7312,7313,7314,7315,7316,7317,7318,7319,7320,7321,7322,7323,7324,7325,7326,7327,7328,7329,7330,7331,7332,7333,7334,7335″ img_size=”large”]

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