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Council approves online payment of Municipal Taxes

In order to optimize and streamline the attention to taxpayers, the honorable Managua Council approved in ordinary session number 47, that municipal tax obligations and payments be made online, through the Municipality's website.

With the implementation of this alternative, the Municipality provides an easy, simplified and secure way to make your municipal payments, through the web pages www.managua.gob.ni and www.managua.tustributo.com; Likewise, it was announced that these procedures may be carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as of January 3, 2017.

In the same way, in this ordinary session of the municipal council, as part of the support for sports and healthy recreation of the capital families, the Managua Council unanimously approved to declare of social interest the expansion and construction of the basketball gym at the Spain sports center, Therefore, he will be exempted from the municipal tax payment and construction permit for said work to be carried out by the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports.

Asimismo, en esta Sesión Ordinaria número 47, las comisiones permanentes y especiales del honorable concejo de Managua brindaron sus informes anuales, correspondiente al año 2016.[vc_images_carousel images=”7178,7179,7180,7181,7182,7183,7184,7185,7186″ img_size=”large”][vc_images_carousel]

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