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Mayor's Office rewards the best altars in the Immaculate Conception of María

With the aim of promoting and preserving our culture and identity, the Good Government through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power awarded the 3 best altars of the Immaculate Conception of María in each district of Managua.

This award was made based on the contest for the best altar of La Purísima in Managua, which was developed by the Municipality in the 7 districts of the capital, where approximately 250 families participated to celebrate the Gritería on December 7.

The prizes were presented by comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Secretary of the Managua Council, who congratulated the winners for their creativity in the elaboration of the altars; Likewise, he announced that the qualification parameters of this contest were the use of biblical themes, traditional elements and creativity.

Similarly, he reported that the first 3 places in each of the 7 districts were awarded, with 8 Thousand Córdobas for first place, 6 Thousand Córdobas for second place and 4 Thousand Córdobas for third place.

Por su parte, el señor César Rodríguez ganador del primer lugar en el Distrito 1, dijo sentirse contento con esta iniciativa de la Municipalidad que promueve el rescate de nuestras tradiciones, asimismo, lo expresó la señora Bertha Genara Vallecillo de la comarca Las Jagüitas, quien también ganó el primer lugar en el distrito 5 y agradeció a las autoridades por el esfuerzo que realizan.[vc_images_carousel images=”7160,7161,7162,7163,7164,7165,7166,7167,7168,7169,7170,7171,7172,7173,7174″ img_size=”large”]

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