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Residents of District One attend a citizen consultation to improve the Municipal Budget for 2017

More than 300 citizens who live in the District One sector of the capital participated in the Citizen Consultation carried out by the Mayor's Office of Managua to know the main needs for community progress to be taken into account in the General Budget of Municipal Income and Expenditures for the year 2017.

The popular consultation council was held in El Dorado park, where citizens expressed their concerns before the municipal authorities, who demanded that they carry out road works, storm drainage and public cleaning, as well as modernize some parks that to date have not been able to do so. progress has come.

The municipal authorities presented the General Budget Project for the year 2017, which would amount to 4 thousand 315 million 496 thousand 137 córdobas, of which the Capital Expenditures amount to 3 thousand 71 million 747 thousand 047 córdobas and the Current Expenses to a thousand 243 million 749 thousand 090 córdobas.

While the Budget for District One will be 347 million 125 thousand 522 córdobas, Current Expenses will amount to 21 million 449 thousand 343 córdobas and Capital Expenditures to 325 million 676 thousand 179 córdobas.

It should be noted that with this budget for District One, the local authorities will execute 24 progress works in all sectors of this District.

In machinery and equipment an investment of 400 thousand córdobas is estimated, for Infrastructure Projects the investment of 213 million 600 thousand 463 córdobas is planned, for the execution of 10 Environmental projects 8 million 628 thousand 478 córdobas, likewise 24 projects will be executed that They will be carried out directly by the District with an investment of 25 million 831 thousand 999 córdobas, the investment for 31 Human Development projects is allocated more than 17 million córdobas, the investment for the Maintenance of Works 28 million 5 thousand 183 córdobas, among others.

Los ciudadanos agradecieron las obras de progreso que se ejecutarán en todo el año 2017 en diferentes sectores y comarcas de este Distrito, también demandaron que se tomen en cuenta las necesidades que ellos presentaron porque son obras urgentes como es la reparación de calles, cauces, mejoras de parques y de limpieza pública, como la instalación de luminarias públicas en ciertos sectores que son muy peligrosos para la seguridad ciudadana.[vc_images_carousel images=”6961,6962,6963,6964,6965,6966,6967″ img_size=”large”]

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