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They present Five Books "Memories of my Neighborhood"

As part of the rescue of the historical memory of our capital city, the Good Government through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, made the presentation of five books with the historical memories of the Santa Ana, El Paraisito, Costa Rica neighborhoods, Óscar Turcio and the Ticomo region.

This presentation was chaired by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua and the Director of Municipal Historical Heritage Clemente Guido Martínez, who expressed the commitment of the Good Government to continue making these efforts, to rescue the identity and historical memory of our capital city.

Likewise, colleague Clemente Guido Martínez, highlighted that this is the third presentation of books "Memories of My Neighborhood" that the municipality carries out, through which 25 books have been published in 3 collections.

The first collection was presented in 2014, with the memories of the neighborhoods Manuel Fernández, México, Monseñor Lezcano, San Judas, San Luis, Waspán, Colonia 10 de Junio, Mercado Oriental and 21 de Febrero; In 2015, the second collection was presented with the memories of the Ducualí, José Dolores Estrada, San José Oriental, San Sebastián, Venezuela, El Riguero, Iván Montenegro Market, Eduardo Contreras Community Center, Santo Domingo, Campo Bruce and Pochocuape region. .

Por su parte, el historiador y actor nicaragüense Hugo Hernández Oviedo, también autor del libro Memorias del Barrio Santa Ana, se mostró contento con el apoyo que brinda el Buen Gobierno es estas publicaciones que ayudan a conservar nuestra cultura e identidad, así como, la memoria histórica del municipio de Managua.[vc_images_carousel images=”6767,6768,6769,6770,6771,6772,6773,6774,6775,6776,6777,6778,6779,6780,6781,6782,6783,6784,6785,6786,6787,6788,6789,6790,6791,6792,6793,6794,6795,6796″ img_size=”large”]

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