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Mayor of Managua presents Preliminary Draft Municipal Budget 2017

The Mayor of Managua, comrade Daysi Torres, presented before the honorable City Council the Draft of the General Budget of Income and Expenditure of the Municipality for the year 2017, which amounts to the amount of four thousand 315 million 496 thousand 137 cordobas. According to the report, ordinary income would be 3,190 million 924 thousand 321 cordobas, which represents 74 percent and extraordinary income is calculated at 904 million 571 thousand 816 cordobas, to this is added 220 million as an initial cash balance.

Capital Expenditures amount to 3 thousand 71 million 747 thousand 071 córdobas, which represents 71 percent, while Current Expenses are programmed at 1 thousand 243 million 749 thousand 090 córdobas, which represents 29 percent of the Draft Budget.

It should be noted that with this Draft Budget it is planned to invest in the execution of works for the common good of the capital residents presented by the District delegations in coordination with the population. The progress works will be aimed at improving the infrastructure of roads, storm drainage, public spaces and decoration of the city, as well as the investment in the restitution of rights such as human care programs, the total investment in these will be two one thousand 603 million 660 thousand 426 córdobas.

In maintenance of works, 435 million 66 thousand 113 córdobas will be invested, in the public cleaning of the city the investment will be 195 million 405 thousand 257 córdobas.

While the Draft Budget of the Managua Municipal Transportation Regulation Institute (IRTRAMMA) is planned at 32 million 671 thousand 350 córdobas; that of the Municipal Corporation of Markets of Managua (COMMEMA) will be 122 million 91 thousand 664 córdobas and that of the Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Company (EMTRIDES), amounts to the amount of 98 thousand 452 thousand 301 córdobas.

The Preliminary Draft Municipal Budget for the year 2017 will be analyzed by the Special Budget, Finance and Infrastructure Commission, for its due review and subsequent approval by the full Council.

At the same time, the calendar of the Municipal Councils to be held in each District of the capital was presented, to present the Draft Budget to the population and for them to present their concerns and main needs for works with greater objectivity.

The Town Halls in the Districts will begin on November 9 and will end on the 18 of the same month.

District One will hold its Cabildo on Wednesday, November 9 at four in the afternoon at the El Dorado park field; on Thursday, November 10, District Two, at the Manuel Olivares Technical Institute at four in the afternoon; District Three, on Friday the 11th in the sports field of Colonia Independencia at four in the afternoon; District Four on Monday the 14th, at four in the afternoon at the Maestro Gabriel Institute; the Directorates of the Managua Mayor's Office and District Delegates on November 15, at 10:00 am in the Miguel Larreynaga Auditorium; District Five Tuesday 15, at the School September 14 at four in the afternoon; the Union Federations of the Commune on Wednesday 16, at 10:00 in the morning in the Miguel Larreynaga Auditorium.

Asimismo que el Distrito seis, lo realizará el miércoles 16, en el Ranchón del mismo Distrito, a las cuatro de la tarde, mientras que las organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil, el jueves 17 de noviembre en el Auditorio Miguel Larreynaga a las diez de la mañana; el Distrito siete el jueves 17 en el Instituto Miguel Bonilla Obando, a las cuatro de la tarde.[vc_images_carousel images=”6834,6835,6836,6837,6838,6839,6840,6841,6842,6843,6844,6845,6846″ img_size=”large”]

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