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Celebration of the 36th Anniversary of the Israel Lewites Market

In a family and community atmosphere, merchants together with buyers from the Israel Lewites municipal market celebrated the 36th anniversary of the founding of this shopping center in the capital.

This celebration took place on the morning of Saturday October 15 in an atmosphere of joy with artistic performances, clowns, contests for the whole family and exhibitions of sponsoring companies that carried out raffles and gifts to attendees.

The activity was presided over by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, who, together with merchants from this capital market, started the 36th Anniversary cake; Likewise, he expressed the greeting and commitment of the Good Government to continue supporting merchants, improving safety, cleanliness and sales conditions.

For her part, Mrs. Isabel González, founding merchant of the Israel Lewites market, was happy with the celebration of the 36th Anniversary and thanked the Good Government for the support it has provided to merchants and the consumer people, which is expressed in different Progress works, such as the construction of the main street of the bus terminal, with hydraulic concrete, the galley for the food court, as well as the efforts being made to keep this populous shopping center clean and safe.

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