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Archaeological Exhibition in greeting to the Day of Indigenous Resistance

In greeting to the Indigenous Resistance Day, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua held an exhibition of archaeological pieces "We Were, We Are and We Will Be a Nation with Identity and Face."

In this exhibition, 25 rescued pre-Columbian archaeological pieces were unveiled, discovered in the communities of Chiquilistagua, Pochocuape and Nejapa in the municipality of Managua.

This activity was chaired by colleague Clemente Guido Martínez, Director of Municipal Historical Heritage, who said that the exhibition was held in greeting to the 524th anniversary of the meeting of two worlds, cultures or civilizations, which did not know each other and which generated a violent clash between both cultures where the European civilization was imposed on the American one.

Likewise, Clemente said the commemoration of this historical event occurs because we are the result of that clash that is now reflected in different spaces, such as gastronomy, musical instruments and in our mestizo race.

He also stressed that these pre-Columbian pieces exhibited will be part of the more than 150 pieces that will contain a municipal museum, which is being planned to be built in the near future.

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