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Trainings on the management of the city's storm drainage network

The municipality began training the personnel who will be in charge of managing the storm drainage network. This training will last one year by a specialist from the IDB through the sustainable cities initiative.

The courses aim to strengthen the response capacities to rain situations and the management of rainwater infrastructure, all this is necessary to define the new Drainage Master Plan of the City that will be financed by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas explained that the training will be for one year and will end with the development of the master plan.

“We thank the IDB for the close collaboration with the Mayor's Office and with the Government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, they are strongly supporting us to improve the drainage of the city, international experts will be training our staff throughout these months. to improve our capacities, with an investment of 1,100,000 dollars, to have a more beautiful, healthier, safer Managua ”.

The IDB representative in Nicaragua, Mr. Carlos Melo, that developing a drainage master plan and strengthening the capacities of the municipality are part of the Sustainable Cities Program initiative.

"We want to thank the Mayor's Office for allowing us to work together on this issue, a lesson well learned is that we have to work together in comprehensive programs, the public and private sectors to generate a more urban, more metropolitan life, promoting the development of countries" .

The master plan to modernize the infrastructure and storm drainage of the city aims to eliminate critical points and the pilot project of this master plan is the intervention in the Borbollón riverbed.

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