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Municipal Government presents Modernization Plan in Bus Terminals

The Capital Commune, in coordination with the Central Government led by President Daniel Ortega, will carry out the modernization of the five bus terminals in the capital in a public-private alliance and with an investment of 50 million dollars.

The Secretary General, comrade Fidel Moreno, explained that 150 thousand people arrive in Managua daily at these bus terminals, becoming key points for trade and investment.

The project will begin in 2,017 with the modernization of the bus terminal in front of the Central American University (UCA), then it will continue with the bus terminals of the Roberto Huembes, Israel Lewites, El Mayoreo, El Oriental market.

“As Compañera Rosario announced, we are beginning an effort to provide the city with modern bus terminals, we have 150 thousand people arriving on 1,500 buses daily, we need spacious bus terminals that can receive users safely, We want users to be able to protect themselves from rain, radiation and also in these terminals we have 15 thousand merchants who require banking services, this project will benefit the 3 thousand carriers that we have in the country, the objective is to provide better working conditions for everyone, ”Moreno explained.

The new bus terminals will have banking, transportation and communications service centers and will have better conditions for both carriers and passengers.

The project contemplates investing 10 million dollars in each of the terminals, the first to be rehabilitated would be the UCA terminal where buses from Granada, Masaya, Carazo and Rivas arrive.

"In front of the UCA, we plan to build an infrastructure of about 15 thousand square meters, which allows the more than 300 buses that enter and leave in better access conditions both for the carrier, as well as for the 28 thousand passengers among university students and workers who they come to the capital every day ”.

Moreno explained that the project mandated by the Central Government will involve both the Local Government, private initiative, transport cooperatives and the Ministry of Transport.

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