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Fourth stage of Paseo Xolotlán will open its doors in December

The fourth stage of Paseo Xolotlán will open its doors in the first days of December to Nicaraguan families; At this stage, visitors will be able to enjoy a water park for children, a theme park where the most representative churches from all over the country will be, kiosks and 6 restaurants.

The project is 80 percent complete with a 300-meter-long construction area and a new 950-meter-long four-lane hydraulic concrete track that connects Paseo Xolotlán with Carretera Norte at the intersection of the old Bartolomé Park. of the houses.

The Secretary General, comrade Fidel Moreno, explained that once the fourth and fifth stages of Paseo Xolotlán are finished, 1.5 kilometers of the Managua boardwalk will have been recovered.

"The fourth stage has a length of 300 meters, its main attractions are the replicas of 35 most representative churches of all the country and 7 historical buildings, plus a water park with a 13-centimeter water mirror at one end for the most small and 30 centimeters at the other end for children 12 years and older ”.

Moreno explained that the project will give new job opportunities since there will be restaurants as part of the alliance of the public sector with the private initiative promoted by the Government of President Daniel Ortega.

“The fifth stage will be 200 meters long, 50 percent complete, there will be the House Museum, the Hacienda de San Jacinto; we plan to open it in March of the next year, we are working on the protector of the wave breaker (breakwater) and the perimeter wall ”.

The projections of the commune is that once the fourth and fifth stages are finished, visitors could easily reach 100,000 people per month.

The Paseo Xolotlán has a length of 1.5 kilometers and the Puerto Salvador Allende is 1.5 kilometers long, which provides a total of 3 kilometers of totally new boardwalk to the Managuas, with the novelty that the new Xolotlán Track has a bicycle lane.

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