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Construction of the second phase of the Luis Alfonso park is 18 percent complete

The construction of the second phase of the Luis Alfonso park is 18 percent complete, in this area the Multipurpose Sports Gym is being built, a swimming pool complex, extreme games for teenagers, modern children's games, basketball courts and soccer.

In a tour of the work, the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that the megaproject has generated 110 direct jobs.

“When the second phase is ready, the park will have an area of 25 blocks with a capacity to house more than 60 thousand people, and given their importance, Companion President and Compañera Rosario closely supervise every detail, we are generating 110 direct jobs and 200 indirect jobs, the main attraction is the roofed national gym with capacity for 7 thousand spectators, with an area of 7 thousand square meters ”.

Moreno explained that at this stage, the foundations are being installed, which carry a little more than 1,000 tons of steel and 7,000 thousand cubic meters of concrete.

"Next to the roofed gym, there will be a complex of Olympic swimming pools that will be used in the Central American Games, extreme games areas, a spider web with capacity for 400 children, new children's games that will be a total novelty never seen before in the history of the country" .

In the coming months, the construction of the new sports structures generates 375 direct jobs and 300 indirect jobs. The project will be ready in July of next year, six months before the Central American Games.

While the second phase of the park is being built simultaneously with the already known first phase, the tennis courts are being remodeled to the standards required by the Central American Games and 12 new electronic games will be installed.

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