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Families affected by the latest rains receive solidarity care

Municipality authorities, members of the Solidarity Promotory and colleagues from the Family Cabinets provided immediate accompaniment and assistance to different families from districts V and VII of Managua, which were affected by the rains and strong winds on Saturday morning. evening.

The solidarity support was given to the families of the Los Cocos, Walter Ferreti and Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhoods, who suffered damages and material losses due to the currents and winds that tore away part of their humble homes.

According to statements provided by the General Secretary of the Commune, comrade Fidel Moreno, there were 17 affected neighborhoods, 49 damaged homes, 32 of them with temporary flooding, 9 with destroyed roofs, 2 collapsed homes and 6 homes at risk of collapse, for a total of 245 people affected.

The immediate attention to the families and the construction of 8 solidarity houses and 9 roof plans is part of the solidarity support of the Sandinista Government, as stated by the Secretary General. “In addition to the immediate support at night, we are already delivering eight solidarity houses that we are going to build starting today and in the coming weeks we can have them completed and nine roof plans for the families who lost their roofs as a result from the strong winds, Yesguiding the system that comrade President Daniel Ortega and comrade Rosario have guided, attending to emergencies and anticipating what may arise, "added Moreno.

The delivery of materials for the lifting of the houses was carried out by colleagues from the Promotoría Solidaria, “we come on behalf of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, concerned about the well-being of the families, to provide support and today we are giving that immediate response that Our government guides us, delivering the materials for the construction of their home, "said Engel González, coordinator of Promotoría Solidaria in District V of Managua, at the time of delivering the materials to Mrs. Silvia Estrada López, from the neighborhood The coconuts.

For her part, Doña Silvia thanked God and the Government for the help received “firstly grateful to God, because things happen for something, at the time of the rain I had the help of my neighbors, the youth of the youth, the Cabinets of the Family, the delegate who accompanied me at all times, I feel very grateful to my Government, to the Commander and Compañera Rosario because for me they are the people who watch over us, the poor, because as they will not have others more ”.

Likewise, affirmed Doña Carolina de los Ángeles López, resident of the Walter Ferreti neighborhood, who received the accompaniment of the Municipality since Saturday night, when the walls of her house collapsed and who also received this Sunday the materials for the construction of her new home.

“I thank God, the president and the first lady Rosario Murillo because they are attentive to everything the people need, the youth boys came, they took photos, they were accompanying us and the materials are already here and we thank the Lord and the Government because we are going to have our new house, ”said Mrs. López.

The house of Mr. Mauricio José García, in the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood in District VII, was also affected by the fall of the wooden walls and part of the roof, who excitedly expressed, “We are happy because we were in need of this help, we are happy because alone we would not have been able to build our house, thanks to our government ”.

The municipal authorities stated that together with the Inter-Institutional Commission they will continue to attend to emergencies that arise.

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