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National Baseball Stadium will be ready in April 2017

The construction of the new national baseball stadium "Dennis Martínez" is 48 percent complete and will be ready in April of next year, as confirmed by Secretary General Fidel Moreno, on a tour with Major League Baseball pitcher Dennis Martínez and all the sports chronicle of the country.

Prior to the tour of the construction works, Moreno presented to the sports chronicle the projects that are being carried out for the Central American Games in 2017, where Nicaragua will host, which have an investment that exceeds 60 million dollars.

"This year, Companero President and Compañera Rosario have been leading all efforts to promote sports, betting on the development of sports infrastructure with an investment that exceeds 60 million dollars that we started this year and we hope to finish next year" .

Among the projects being built for the Central American Games are the new national baseball stadium, the Olympic swimming pools and the Managua multipurpose Convention Center.

In order to promote sport in all its disciplines, the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity in conjunction with the Municipal Government simultaneously execute the construction of new sports infrastructures, which will allow the preparation of new Nicaraguan talents in a short term.

Moreno explained that the construction of the stadium is the main project and will be ready in April, according to the work schedules.

"We have been working on the construction of the stadium for nine months and in April we hope to finish."

At 48 percent progress, all the foundations, the first and second bleachers have already been built and now the construction of the main building will begin, where the VIP area, press room, restaurant area and clinic will be located.

Moreno explained that the stadium will have its own electrical substation, 15,000 fixed seats and a modern audio and video system.

On the second visit of Dennis Martínez, accompanied by the sports chronicle, he expressed his admiration for the will of the national government to promote projects in favor of youth.

“When you see these advances in projects like this, you have to thank the Government that is always focused on developing infrastructure projects for our Nicaraguan youth, that is very important because they are the future and we have to keep them always active away from drugs and The gang".

The Major League Baseball pitcher affirmed that the stadium will be very useful for the new generations.

"This colossus that I never imagined seeing and now that I see it will serve to promote as a hotbed where new sports talents are being prepared that will represent us internationally."

Among the projects being carried out to celebrate the Central American Games are the new sports facilities in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park; In the second phase, such as the six tennis courts, the Olympic pools for swimming and diving competition, a multipurpose gymnasium where volleyball, basketball and fighting sports will be held.

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