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Chilean delegation visits the country for future investments

A Chilean government delegation headed by the Minister of the Environment Pablo Badenier Martínez and Chilean private entrepreneurs met with the municipal authorities to learn about the experiences of the local government on environmental issues with the objective of possible investments in the medium term.

The Secretary General of the Commune, Fidel Moreno Briones, explained that the exchange of experiences on environmental issues could allow investment opportunities.

"We have been sharing with the Chilean brothers all the efforts and environmental challenges that we have in the city of Managua, especially in the management of hazardous waste from hospitals and industrial sludge that are highly polluting in this area, we need to invest new technology" .

Chilean Minister of the Environment Pablo Badenier explained that the technical mission will have the support of a private initiative that has experience in the management of boiled water and hazardous materials.

"We are on a mission of the Government of Chile in conjunction with private initiative entrepreneurs, with the aim of knowing what the demands are on environmental issues to see how we expand the collaboration links between the governments of Chile and Nicaragua."

In recent years, Chile has developed techniques and technology that allow better management of sewage, industrial water and hospital waste. The Chilean mission met with central and municipal government authorities to learn about all the projects that have been executed and what are the demands for the future.

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