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Luis Alfonso Park has new playgrounds

In greeting to the national holidays, the capital commune inaugurated the new children's games in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park, starting this September 3 the children who visit the park will be able to enjoy two electric carousels for the value of five cordobas.

The Secretary General of the Commune Fidel Moreno, explained that with these 10 games have been installed for the well-being of the population.

"There are three new games that have been installed, plus the rehabilitation of the seven that already exist, which is part of an effort by our government to build a real amusement park and make it a site with different attractions and that makes training possible. from the smallest to the largest ”.

On weekends the area of the carousels will have more presence of park rangers to prevent children from suffering a fall, each time the number of children increases in the lines, the necessary measures will be taken to guarantee the safety of the little ones.

Visitors to the Luis Alfonso park will now be able to enjoy a two-story carousel, a carousel with marine motifs and a carousel of jumping carts for children from 6 to 12 years old.

Julia Rosa Valladares traveled from Ciudad Sandino to bring her 3 children to see the park and what was her surprise that her visit coincided with the inauguration of the new games.

“The games are so beautiful, my children were lucky enough to come to the park for the first time and find this so beautiful and what surprises you the most is that it is free, because paying five cordobas for the children to go around is something symbolic, also people have to contribute something to the maintenance of this park that only in other countries do you see something like this ”.

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