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Mayor's Office begins festivities of the month of the fatherland

The municipality began the festivities of the month of the fatherland with a choral concert of Darian poems performed by 20 elementary school children that make up the children's choral group Los Rubencitos, its members were selected in the children's contest promoted by the commune called Looking for Rubén.

The cultural days in honor of the homeland organized by the municipality will have a literary touch interpreted by children with the aim of promoting a Darian spirit in the new generations, a nationalist spirit with love for the homeland, as confirmed by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas.

“In this month that we honor the homeland, our national heroes who defended the freedom of our people, we are going to honor them with poetry by Rubén Darío because talking about Rubén is talking about Nicaragua, it is talking about homeland, what better way to honor them with the promotion of love for our heroes in the new generations ”.

The Director of Historical Heritage, Clemente Guido, explained that this year the national holidays will take place within the framework of the Centennial of Rubén Darío by presidential mandate.

“By mandate of our President Daniel Ortega, the national holidays must be Darian all this year will be dedicated to the Centennial of the poet Rubén Darío, the objective is that the new generations understand that Rubén Darío is Love to Nicaragua, it is to declaim to the country all the month, we will be organizing cultural activities where the children declaim the Darian poems and on September 23 will be the great Choral Concert performed by the children's group Los Rubencitos at the National Theater ”.

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