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Mayor of Managua presents report of the Second Quarter of Municipal Management

The Mayor of Managua, comrade Daysi Torres, presented to the members of the Council, the municipal management report for the second quarter corresponding to the months of April, May and June of the 2016 municipal management.

According to the report, total income reached the sum of 1,181 million 615 thousand 994 córdobas, while total expenditures amounted to one thousand 51 million 940 thousand córdobas, of which 745 million 916 thousand 913 córdobas were invested in capital expenditures. represents 71 percent and in current expenses the sum was 306 million 23 thousand 860 córdobas, which represents 29 percent.

It should be noted that in this period the municipality executed 239 projects with an investment of 400 million 110 thousand 245 córdobas.

In improvements to the road system, 290 blocks were improved that includes the construction of new streets and reconstruction of others in all the Districts of the capital with an investment of 134 million 729 thousand 170 cordobas, of these 278 blocks were rebuilt with asphalt mix with a investment of 111 million 286 thousand 700 córdobas; Among the benefited neighborhoods are: René Cisneros neighborhood, San Isidro de la Cruz Verde, Cristo del Rosario, Linda Vista Sur Annex, Javier Cuadra neighborhood, El Carmen neighborhood, Rafael Ríos, Valle Dorado Linda Vista Norte and Sur, Acahualinca, Santa Ana Norte , Las Piedrecitas, Rubenia, Pista Suburbana, among other capital sectors.

Likewise, 22 new streets were built, of these 15 were lined with hydraulic concrete and seven with asphalt mix, with an investment of 23 million 442 thousand 400 córdobas.

The neighborhoods served were: Hialeah IV Stage, Jonathan González, Colinas del Memorial Sandino, Tierra Prometida, Arges Sequeira, Domitila Lugo, Avenida Central Sabana Grande, Gertrudis Áreas II Stage, Prolongación Pista Larreynaga, among others.

While in maintenance of dirt roads, 774 blocks were made up, which includes the rehabilitation of rural roads.

Regarding the storm drainage network, it was expanded by 652 linear meters of pipes and the lining of 252 meters of channels, construction of 54 gullies, 331 meters of ford and gutter, 2409 meters of tunnel box, 357 linear meters of gabions , 29 meters of grills, and 140 lids were installed, all of this with an investment of 38 million 770 thousand 695 córdobas.

While in the maintenance of the storm drainage, 225 manholes were cleaned, more than 25 thousand meters of pipes, 986 drains, 598 meters of gutters, 15 kilometers of lined riverbeds were also cleaned, two micro-dams were de-sanded, and a thousand 751 were evacuated. tons of solid waste, and 11,803 cubic meters of sediment, among others.

More than 400 meters of sanitary pipes were built in different sectors of the capital, including the installation of pipes for drinking water with an investment of more than three million cordobas.

In the recovery of public spaces, 60 projects have been executed with an investment of 183 million 400 thousand córdobas, among these projects are the rehabilitation of the Japan-Nicaragua Park, the construction of the San Juan I speak II museum, the construction of a skating rink in the Luis Alfonso Park Velázquez Flores, Paseo Xolotlán IV Stage, reconstruction of Paseo de los Próceres, construction of Plaza 22 de Agosto and beginning of construction of the National Baseball Stadium, among others.

The councilors unanimously approved the formation of the Commission that will analyze the General Municipal Budget Project for next year 2017, which is made up of the different political groups that make up the Collegiate Body as the highest municipal authority.

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