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Tribute to the composer of the National Anthem

This August 26, the date on which the birth of the Nicaraguan musician and arranger of the National Anthem, José Abraham Delgadillo is celebrated, the municipality paid tribute to him in the Rotunda of the Illustrious located in the General Cemetery.

129 years after his birth, the Directorate of Historical Heritage together with the Dariana literary community of the third age, offered a tribute with poems by Rubén Darío set to music; Reyna Rueda, Secretary of the Managua Council explained that honoring the memory of the important men and women who wrote and changed the history of Nicaragua is a duty.

"We are about to start the month of national holidays and what better time than to honor the memory of our compatriots who contributed to the defense and formation of our national identity, Delgadillo who studied music in Milan with a scholarship not only composed the musical arrangement of our anthem he also left us as a legacy the musical arrangement of the Marian songs and some poems by Rubén Darío ”.

Delgadillo wrote the musical arrangement of the hymn in December 1918, the date when Nicaragua suffered the most cruel part of the North American intervention.

The Director of Historical Heritage, Clemente Guido, will propose to the Municipal Council that Delgadillo's remains be transferred to the General Cemetery of San Pedro.

“Today is a national day, it is a Nicaraguan day, the question is whether the remains of that great Nicaraguan composer should still be here, they should be together with the remains of Salomón Ibarra, composer of the lyrics of our hymn, which are in the San Pedro Cemetery, that is why we are going to send a request to our municipal authorities to approve the transfer of Delgadillo's remains to the San Pedro National Cemetery ”.

As part of the tribute to Delgadillo, the silver baton that Delgadillo used when he was conducting the musicians of an orchestra was also delivered, which was delivered to the director of the National Archive, while the government decides where it will be kept in custody, that object that now it is the patrimony of the nation.

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