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New Baseball Stadium will be ready in the first months of 2017

The new National Baseball Stadium that is being built to celebrate the Central American Games will be ready in the first months of 2017, after eight months of hard work, the construction of the new sports colossus is 66 percent complete in what is stands, foundations and preparation of the field of play.

The Secretary General of the Mayor's Office, comrade Fidel Moreno, in a tour of the new facilities explained that so far the construction process has been progressing satisfactorily for a long time.

“This week has been a week of constant review and we are pleased with the progress, the structure in general is 66 percent complete, the grandstand area in its first and second stage has an advance of 98 and 73 percent and in 15 days will be totally finished ”.

Moreno explained that the construction of the new stadium began on January 9 and after eight months of work, considerable progress has been made and if the pace of work that has been carried out so far is followed, it is possible that the stadium will be ready in April of next year.

To date, 700 people have participated in the construction of the new stadium, it will have a capacity for 20 thousand personnel, and in two months 15 thousand seats will be installed.

Moreno confirmed that to protect the stadium facilities, additional storm drainage works will be carried out to guide the waters that converge in the area to the Los Guachos micro-dam.

"We are working on a proposal with the Intermaniracano Development Bank to channel the waters to the northern part through a canal, this will allow us to save Tiscapa because the sedimentation and garbage that it currently receives will no longer fall and we will protect the surrounding area" .

The new National Baseball Stadium "Dennis Martínez" will be one of the safest in Latin America, the engineer Vladimir Silva, Project Manager, explained that its structure carries more than 2,000 tons of reinforced steel.

“In this stadium more than 2,000 tons of reinforced steel will be placed and there are more than 15 thousand cubic meters of concrete, the foundations are more than two meters deep, the press area will have a capacity for 120 journalists and will have the "Better view of the stadium, all the specifications required by the Major Leagues have been met to the letter and are reviewed by an MLB commissioner through Murray Cook."

The grass of the playing field is already being sown in Sabana Grande, it must be planted four months before transplanting it to the playing area and the 15 seats arrive in two months from Mexico where they are being developed.

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